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I actually liked Daniel BUT only when he was with Chloe, before that with Chelsea it felt pervy, with Kate it felt oblicatoury, with Chloe they actually showed both side more feelings as angst about the hurt they were causing. But of course Kate became the villian and poor Lucas was a character outside of his own storyline. In the midst of Danloe though Daniel made a point of telling Chloe numerous times how he felt about Nicole, he even went so far as to jump Nicole's shit when she and Jennifer were agruing about the election. So for the writing of him and Nicole's freindship turned sex partner was out of the blue and completely unbeleivable to any viewer. He was also the one showing attachment signs with Rafe as the interloper, but then Jenn's free and he does this 180 makes the character and the audience again remember the slime ball he basically has always been. He's made his relationship with Nicole more about obligation and feeling sorry for her than about any kind of love even on a friendship level.

The writers have even made him made it worse by having everyone calling Nicole a manipulative whore, while Daniel instead of saying she's not like that all he says is maybe we're alot alike. Sorry as usual the writing sucks as to what the viewers perceive as happening and what the writers intentions may be. :tumbleweed:
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