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Nov 3 2012, 02:22 PM
Nov 3 2012, 06:44 AM
Loosing her child was a tragedy, yet I remember her stealing a baby to make sure it was raised by it's daddy...so this sudden need to hide a baby from the same daddy was all her sick way of getting even, so whatever shit falls on her now she deserves.
I don't care what a person does, no one deserves to lose a child not once but twice. Anyways if we are going to be technical didn't Sami lie about the paternity of at least two of her children? Why should she get a pass? She's really no better then Nicole, yet Nicole is the only one who suffers regardless of whether or not she was in the wrong. To me though lying about a paternity doesn't equate to deserving to give birth to a stillborn baby.
Sami lied about all 4 (5) of her children's fathers paternity.

Will she gave to Austin instead of Lucas

Johnny she changed paternity to go to Lucas not EJ

Allie she gave to EJ because Lucas went to jail

Grace (thought was her) she gave to Rafe not EJ

Sydney after getting her she tried to give as well to Rafe and keep EJ away

The only one she had true motive on was Sydney and that was because EJ kidnpaped her (other no reason other than she didn't like the sperm that was actually used)
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