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HBD-Nesta Robert Marley,February 6, 1945 BitchesBrew

Nov 5 2012, 04:49 PM
ATL is back! I loved the premiere. The rest of the season looks promising as well.

I'm enjoying NeNe again. I haven't enjoyed her since Season 2. I think a lot has to do with her getting back with Gregg. Something about him grounds NeNe. When they were "off," NeNe just became too much. Too full of herself and it was a big turn off. The long blonde wig wasn't hot, but it did remind me of when NeNe had long hair and I loved her look with long hair. Hope she goes back that again. Even briefly.

Kandi continues to be the fan favorite. Quite possibly the realest housewife of any city. I'm glad she found love and I hope it works out for her with Todd. She deserves happiness. I'm a little iffy on him being with production. Wonder if he still works with the show or not. I'd doubt it. Wish Kandi nothing but the best. Her new house looks great! Fuck what Kim had to say.

I'm even enjoying Cynthia. Shocker! I've never liked her. I always like seeing her in scenes with Leon. I think they have a great post-love relationship for the sake of Noelle. I was glad to see her speak her mind to Leon and Peter regarding Noelle's schooling, as well as when she went toe to toe with Kenya at the Bailey Agency audition. I think I'm going to like this new Cynthia.

Kim. Kim. Kim. Once my favorite ATL housewife. In one episode, she turned into my least favorite. It's like she and NeNe switched places. While NeNe is back on the ground, Kim's head is up in the clouds. She thinks she's so much better than everyone. It's not appealing at all, especially considering we know all of the skeletons in Kim's closet. One of the things I liked about Kim was that she accepted herself. She took ownership to all her faults. I'm not seeing that anymore. Her remarks about Kandi's house were uncalled for and screamed jealousy. I thought Kroy was good for Kim in Season 4. I thought he grounded her, but that's not the case anymore. I'm not exactly sure what he sees her. She's becoming a very ugly person. I'll be glad once she makes her exit from Housewives. And I really don't expect myself to tune into her new show. I don't like housewives going solo. I wasn't that interested when Bethenny got her own show. Right now, the only thing I'm looking forward to regarding Kim is her upcoming scenes with NeNe (still hoping for some kind of truce called between the two ladies before Kim leaves), and what causes her and Kroy to attack production.

Phaedra is just Phaedra. Love her. She accepts that she's the show's comic relief and she brings it every time.

So Kenya is Sheree's replacement. She even has connections to Miss Lawrence. I think she was definitely a wise choice by Bravo to bring onto the show. She's ATL's version of Brandi Glanville, meaning she will do anything for exposure, including making a fool of herself and bringing drama that some of the other ladies might not stoop low enough to bring. She was even able to make me like Cynthia. Kenya makes a much better villain than NeNe, so I give props to producers for going with her instead of continuing to play NeNe as the show's villain. Kenya definitely brings what producers always wanted Sheree to bring and did bring in her first 2 seasons. Before she became boring with any real story. That bourgeois-ness. I'm looking forward to her interactions with the rest of the housewives, especially Kim. I could see the two women getting along, and I wouldn't be surprised if they do.

Again, great first episode.

I didn't think about Sheree once, outside of realizing Kenya was her replacement. Nor did I miss her. I did hear Sheree was spotted filming scenes for the show, but I could only imagine her filming scenes with Kim. But I believe Kim is only on the show until Episode 3, I believe. That's when Porsha arrives. So if we still don't see Sheree by then, I wonder if she was actually spotted filming scenes for Kim's new show, since filming for that began immediately after Kim stopped filming Housewives.
:applause: APPLAUSE ALL THE WAY AROUND DREW, Great Review! :applause:
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