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For those not seeing it. When you go to her profile right above where the Timeline starts it will says "Tweets All / No Replies." Its always set to no replies so if you want to see ALL of her (and most other verified twitters) tweets then you have to click "All." Ali's tweet was a reply to some person that you don't follow so it won't show up on your timeline.

Anyway, this whole conversation other than that is beyond ridiculous. James Scott (who I am a fan of) is no more classy than Galen Gering (who I find annoying and cannot stand) just because of some tweets. I do like that James Scott is more reserved and doesn't really use Twitter all that much and his interviews are few and far between because when he actually gives one its 10x more interesting than most other people. And I do find that Galen Gering seems a little immature when he tries to be "funny" but I don't think the guy lacks class. And he surely had no bad intentions when tweeting his co-star about lunch. Like Matt said...a tweet is just a tweet sometimes. End Rant.
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