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Trish the dish
Nov 5 2012, 11:43 PM
Nov 5 2012, 10:59 PM
Trish the dish
Nov 5 2012, 10:56 PM
Nov 5 2012, 10:28 PM

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Thank you Gail! Sure enough the guy has to get himself out there for EVERYONE to see! Annoying as Hell! God how I love James Scott...class act always! Not in competion with anyone because he is secure in his own right! Love Love Love him. The other guy Icky...as usual!
Alison does the same type of tweet Galen did. I do find it annoying, but who's Alison in competition with? James' lack of tweeting such things is more a reflection of the fact that the guy doesn't tweet than it is a reflection of class.
I think JS lives a private life and doesn't feel the need to tweet! I was actually disapponted when he signed up on twitter because he has always IMO held him self to a higher standard than most and separated his private life from his public life which i feel he still does because of his lack of tweeting & social networking. I met him and was most impressed with him he is actually humble unlike some attention grabbing assholes that feel the need to make their presence known. I respect an actor , athlete or any person that is in the limelight & wants privacy. The timelines on Twitter were AS tweeting about her friendship with James and sure enough! GG had to thank her for lunch at about a half an hour later Surprise Surpsrise! 3p.m. LA time WOW! not surprising. Attention grabbing whatever? Yes maybe I do have time to figure this shit out! I don't give a rats ass.. I love James & ALi & am proud to say it! They are fantastic together on Days. they are the only reason I tuned back in after an almost 20 year hiatus. They are the only couple that have jacked the ratings UP in years!
Yeah, that doesn't change the fact that Galen tweets the same way Alison does. Most of the rest of that isn't relevant to twitter, but thanks for sharing.
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