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Ok...my thoughts because this episode was actually entertaining for me. lol

So Taniel is going to? Google search Dr. Sedwick's office in Machu Picchu? I mean, they have an office there? Well, clearly since Taniel said "Machu Picchu" about 15 fucking times in the space of 4 minutes and it got funnier and funnier to me every time he said it. When his search ends in frustration Eyebrows comes over and says "he knows a guy" who can find the doctor in Machu Picchu. Where is her office? The Inca Trail? lol And apparently, all eyebrows had to do was make a five second phone call! Who knew?!?!?!

Why is Sami in this episode other than the Kristen/John scene? Why is she in scenes with Jennifer? Why is Jennifer wearing bright fucking red little-girl shoes? Lucas should have been more pissy about Daniel than he was. Sami should have no opinion whatsoever of the man. That was all kinds of WTF for me.

Kate was not wearing loud, jangly jewelry. And there's no blue chunk of hair! She looked great! And she matched Marlena's cell phone!

I enjoyed the Marlena, Kate & Brady scenes but I don't know why Kate and Marlena are girls now. Whatever. they were fun.

Kristen...Oh Kristen how do I love thee!!! We got an almost "Mar-LAY-NUH!!!" today. It was so close, so very, very close...
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