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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Nov 6 2012, 09:30 AM
Jenn wonders if Daniel still has feelings for Nicole but all he can think about is professing his love to Jenn.
Daniel’s worried about what she’ll say when Jennifer asks him to her office.
Jennifer has found a clinical trial for Daniel that could help his tremors.

:wow: Still shocked that TPTB are pushing hard with Dannifer. Where is Jennifer's resistance to this scumbag? ....anytime you have to worry about a man's feeling for someone else that is not a good sign especially when .......Dicole was all 6 months...

Daniel's worried what Jen's going to say when she calls him to her office.... after the bastard pushed her away 10x, now poor wittle Dan is afraid to get his big man feelings hurt.
This push-pull dynamic lacks any substance. We know Dan wants her, he told her that last week...so when do we get to know that Jen wants him too......(the clinical hand trials thing?)
The writing is freaking atrocious. :frustration:

:wtf: Instead of grieving for Jack, Jennifer has spent the last few weeks trying to find clinincal trials to get Daniel temors stopped. Not going to sit well with JnJ fans.....

I am a Dannifer- :hater: I Care zero about. Dr. D and Jennifer, I did and would care for her, but no longer. The character assination has made her unredeemable....period.

I always wanted to give Jennifer one last chance to do something Jenniferish...but it seems like November sweeps has pretty much sealed the deal. As much as Dannifer is all wrong, TPTB never gave them a story to make them believable., not even now. They never even bothered to try any romance between them. If any character was about romance on DAYS, it was Jennifer. At least Daniel could send her flowers, a gift, a card, dinner, dancing, hell simple dialogue between with sexual tension...... where is the romance? How can I root for this couple...there is nothing between them. 'taking her in his arms' --- not the sexual tension I am referring to. Why does he want her so bad?

If TomSell are not fired soon.... then Days is better off dead!
Edited by Dreamer, Nov 6 2012, 11:24 AM.
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