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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Nov 6 2012, 10:53 AM
I'm always baffled after I watch an episode I really enjoyed and come here to post about it only to discover that I'm clearly a freak because everyone else hated it. I really liked the episode. I liked Jennifer & Sami's scenes (I've always thought they should be frenemies). I like that they're finally remembering that Jennfier & Lucas are siblings (although I wish I knew exactly where Lucas lived. For a hot minute, I thought he was actually living at the Horton house). I loved John trying to be protective of Sami. I also like Sami sticking with Kristen as much because everyone's telling her not to as any other reason. Of course, my highlight is always passive/aggressive Kristen. And I can't say how much I'm enjoying Kate finally looking good and not like an all-over hot mess anymore. Melissa Salmons has quickly become one of my favorite script writers on par with the Cullitons.
Matt funny you say that. I was thinking Monday's epi was good in a funny sort of way....especially after I hated Tuesday's. It was nice to see new character interaction. Mar & Kate. Sami & Jen, Lucas & Jen, etc...but it is all too random for me to enjoy. Rafe and Dan-- were laughable.. coming off as best buddies.... since when... clearly so much happens off screen.

As much as try to point out the good things about DAYS...it is a shell of its former self... and hard to watch for 1 good epi... in every 10 shown. I guess my expections are different than what TPTB think what a good soap is. I am sad that they don't even know their own characters. I wish to be positive about the whole thing, but any chances.... seems to be ripped away, slowly but surely.....
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