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Nov 6 2012, 11:33 AM
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If these writers weren't so obvious in their dislike for the character of Lucas, we could have had a token scene a few months back (maybe a week or two after their breakup) where Lumi discussed his employment with her company. She could have told him that she really didn't want him to go, but if he wanted to do that it would be understood by her. She could have also told him that she didn't want him working for his mother, and offered to give him a raise for him to stay working at CW. Then we could have them agree to be civil and friendly "for the kids sake and the business"....and now it could have exploded when BOTH Sami and Lucas ended up working for EJ. Ej would immediately fire or even better demote Lucas and have Lucas then turn the tables on the entire company when he secretly takes it from under both Ej and Sami....THAT is the way to write a story, not this shit that we see....the marginalization of Lucas is expected, after all TomSells agenda was clear the second day they were credited for the writing.....out went Lucas in came Rafe and Safe was again in play, Lumi was gone. Now to top it all off they are making Lucas one of the few objecting in some way to WilSon's relationship, when just months ago (pre TOmSell) he was fine and wondering if Sonny had feelings for Will.....seriously not only is Lucas marginalized out of whatever story he was in when TomSell took the helm but it's obvious that instead of giving him another love interest or another business story with Kate or anyone else...they have him be the one hating on Wilson...when in reality there is no reason for him to go from fine with Will being gay to him hating on him....and I'm actually fine with the way they are writing the way Lucas can't come to terms with Will's gayness but let's be realistic here....Lucas needs another love interest, something else to do....
I actually don't see them giving Lucas a love interest. They're filming well into Feb sweeps already and he probably still doesn't have anyone. I think eventually it will lead to Safe/Lumi in some way now that Gabi is pregnant. Lucas is only acting this way because he's bitter and miserable about his own life. The way BD described it is he's walking around with a huge chip on his shoulder. If Lucas had any kind of life of his own, he wouldn't be this bi-polar over WilSon. Sadly I think this is Lucas's fate to be like Kate.
and that is what the problem is....Lucas NEEDS someone else to concentrate his efforts on, instead of being his own version of Kate. It's such a disservice to the character to make him into a 'Katelike' personality because if anyone knows what a meddling parent can do in your life it's Lucas. He can't be happy with ANYONE, especially the one person that loved him the most because of Kate's tendencies to meddle into his life. I would like Lucas to just blurt out to Sami that he's still in love with her, but I also want him to admit to her that he won't be with her because of her dick hopping ways. I also want him to move on with a new love interest as I think the story would be wonderful to tell. HE's very much in love with Sami, but she's too busy with the other two at the moment to even realize how Lucas feels. IT would be good to have him reserved at first about falling for someone only to see him slowly do it and for this woman to be head over for him and finally they hit it off....but realistically with other writers I can see this happening, with TomSell who are bent to write for everyone the fans don't care for, then I can't see it happening....so I guess as fans of the character we'll have to just be content with him getting any sort of screen time even if it has the potential to destroy his character in the long run and that just pisses me off more.
I agree that Lucas should tell Sami how he really feels and just blurt it out. It might not accomplish anything but at least it would allow him to get it off his chest and possibly slowly try to move on. As long as he bottles up his feelings inside, he's just going to be more and more miserable. Since Lucas still loves Sami and probably hates himself for it, he needs to just tell her or at least tell someone. Just get it out there and then try to move on for his own sake. He would feel better for doing so. Right now It's killing him and any potential he might have to find love again if he doesn't do this. He needs to just tell her that he loves her but hates that he does, lol. And that he wants to try to move on but can't. But it seems the writers just want to keep him in a holding pattern and make him even more bitter with every passing day. I think if it were any other writers, Lucas would have expressed his feelings and the story would have shifted much differently. I don't think Lucas would have been marginalized the way he has either. But alas, it's sad that it has come to this. I do believe that Lucas will come around when it comes to WilSon like CM said in his interview. But yeah unless something changes, I think this is all we can expect for Lucas storyline wise and we pretty much have to accept it.
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