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TV Guide Magazine: It also made her seem like a sickly obsessed fruitcake!
Bell: Totally! Christine was completely, weirdly obsessed with busting Phyllis and making sure she was punished. And I thought that was great just one more thing that makes my character seem like a real human being. [Laughs] Or maybe like a wacky nutjob! Either way, after so many years of "Please save the Earth!" and "Don't have sex!" I really welcome that. This is a far cry from the old Cricket so I would never put the kibosh on this stuff. It may seem out of character but, to tell the truth, I hope this is my new character!

TV Guide Magazine: Funny how Christine won't let go of her Phyllis issues but she had no problem forgiving Michael Baldwin, who once terrorized her as a psycho-stalker.
Bell: I know, right? But I'm sure she's laughing now that he's the D.A. She has the power to call Washington, D.C., and get him removed with one phone call.

TV Guide Magazine: Wouldn't that be a great story! So Maria was going to write you out and you were prepared to never be seen on Y&R again?
Bell: I didn't try to push it. I figured I'd just let the cards fall, wherever, however.

TV Guide Magazine: Any weirdness for you on the set now that Maria's gone?
Bell: It's only been wonderful at work. Totally cool, no weirdness. I think some people may have perceived it as some sort of hostile takeover and it wasn't. The transition was really smooth. Jill and Josh are fantastic people and I really respect them both. It's all good.

TV Guide Magazine: Let's get back to your poor, lovelorn character. She seems so desperate to get it on with the boys of GC. Do you get the feeling Chris' life back in our nation's capital really sucks?
Bell: I think she's a different person back there. I imagine she's in business meetings with martinis all the time and probably has her one-night stands, but nothing that's meaningful. Obviously, she's more comfortable in the safety of Genoa City. [Laughs] I have a feeling she would never fornicate with her co-workers.

TV Guide Magazine: Fornicate, huh? How biblical. And so '80s Cricket! So your character won't fornicate with co-workers but she's okay fornicating with her best friend's beau?
Bell: Apparently! The worst part of the whole thing was that Tricia Cast was staying at my house the week we were shooting those shows. As Trish's friend, I felt so guilty! I was, like, "I'll dump him tomorrow! I'll get hit by a car!"

TV Guide Magazine: Is Chris prepared to give up her career in D.C.?
Bell: Well, that's the other part of this story. Both Paul and Christine seem to be having a real midlife crisis. They talk a lot about how there's more in life than busting their butts for the law. Paul's father was a cop and he was expected to grow up and do the same. And Chris has always felt like she needed to defend the world because of all the trauma she's experienced. She's never been truly happy, never done what she's really wanted to do. Life is going by so fast and, suddenly, they're waking up to that. My character says she's so tired of buying clothes for the courtroom and just wants to do something fun which is so un-Christine and Paul says, "I'm right there with you. I don't know that I want to be a P.I. anymore." Cut to them at some nude retreat sipping cocktails.

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