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Nov 6 2012, 03:35 PM
Nov 6 2012, 02:12 PM
Nov 5 2012, 11:33 PM
What I hate about Daniel is everyone always talking about what a good man he is, and what a good doctor he is. Puh-Lease!!! The man has slept with just about every female patient he has had. He had an affair with Chloe, and was so callous about it to Lucas. Then he finds out she made one mistake and he callously dumps her and the baby he raised as his own from birth. Please stop telling me what a good man he is!!! :frustration: He, along with the equally pimped podSami is the reason I can no longer watch this show. I get hit over the head with all of heavy handed hints about who I should root for. No thank you, I do not want to watch a show where every man wants Sami for some inexplicable reason and women are killing themselves over the greasy orange perverted doctor.
:shrug: Was there any female patient that he has had that he didn't screw????? :'( Oops I forgot Melanie, well thank goodness for that because she ended up his daughter. :blink: But other than that I think he has slept with everyone else he's treated. Female that is.... ;)
Well, the only one was Chelsea but that's not for lack of trying. :x The man makes me so sick and he has since he tried to screw Chelsea!
Well, as far as we know, he didn't sleep with Bo either. :) Of course, he supposedly saved Bo's life, too, but we didn't see Bo running around for months and obsessing about saving Daniel from himself and from the evil Nicole. In fact, it's absurd to think about it, isn't it?

Yeah, IIRC, Daniel was just about to sleep with Chelsea (while she was in her hospital gown?) when Chelsea found out about him and her grandmother Kate and put a halt to things. As you say, it wasn't for the lack of trying on Daniel's part.

As for other patients Dr. Dan hasn't slept with, there was that reference back in January 2012 to a patient who was a friend of Maggie's. She was supposed to undergo surgery for a breast tumor, but Dr. Dan had to cancel it because of his shaky hands. I remember when Maggie mentioned her friend's ailment, I cringed at the thought of Daniel groping that unknown woman in her breast exams like he did with Chloe. Ick! Anyway, I guess that patient is one who got away, so to speak.

On a related note, apparently, Daniel's wife Rebecca (the one who had died prior to his arrival in Salem) was also a patient. All these Salem women being ready to kill themselves over him makes me wonder how she died. Hmm. This is just another example of how much story potential they're not tapping. Instead of forcing him down our throats as a hero, the show should just go with the sleazy doctor who sleeps with his patients and who brings about their moral and emotional demise. That would be a much more interesting story than what we're getting.

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