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engrady pind

Nov 7 2012, 11:24 AM
Still watching it, and still loving it.

Sam does need to get over the "Jason is alive" thing. When they have her harp on something they have her do it to DEATH. Yeah, yeah, I get it but I'm already sick of it. It was like months and months of Jason not being able to accept Danny, then the baby being dead but not dead, then "I love Jason/I hate Jason" AHHHHHHH and now "Jason's Alive" Kill me. Kill me now.

Aside from that, everything else is great (I take that back, Todd and Carly, blah and gross...I swear that Carly's such a slut). Loving AJs return. I like Ellie with Spinelli and will be annoyed when Maxie ends up with Spinelli in the end. I like the younger crew, Dante/Lulu's baby drama, continuing Connie/Kate mess, possible Nurses Ball talk, and just the overall feel of the show.

Okay I lied again, the Duke/Anna stuff is a borefest. But I do like the random flashback clips. Duke is just kind of creepy and a total loser "I enjoyed our dance...." Nerd. And Anna acting like a love sick teenager is gross. It was gross with Luke and it's gross with Duke.
You are spot on with your observations.

Sam has ALWAYS talked EVERYTHING to death.
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