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Nov 7 2012, 12:23 AM
Nov 6 2012, 05:47 PM
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Of course Nicole or anyone really could have done it if the writers wrote it that way. This show only gives us what the writers write, lol. Fact is, Nicole couldn't do it, Taylor couldn't do it, no one could so far. Saying Nicole could have done this or that is one thing but fact is they tried Ejole for 4 years, even showed EJ as loving her for a little bit but it still didn't completely cure him of Sami did it? We don't know yet if Abby can or can't unless they give us the story. So far everything is speculation based on that one bonding spoiler but if they ever do decide to go there, they might very well write something new and different with them. Plus Abby being J&J's daughter I can definitely see them going the J&J route with Ejabby. It would be a very similar story since Jack was a rapist who was redeemed by young Jennifer back in the day.
It is not that EJole did not cut it. They were great. The problem is that the writers did not want them to remain as a couple because they wanted to keep having EJ in Sami's orbit. When they made Nicole lose her baby the first time, it was the begginning of the end. If they wanted to, they could have given EJole a better and different ending than the one we got. They could have even given her back her baby.

When they put EJole back together a second time, they were not really writing them to get back together as we hoped, because the writers had another plan and that was to bring Taylor in for EJ. Someone new, just like you want him with someone new like Abby.

That did not work out, mainly because it was a horrible and unbelievable story, and they did not share as much chemistry as EJ and Nicole. Then Mardar comes along and wrote EJ as wanting Nicole back; and loving Nicole, they probably wrote them together for about 2 months when they decided ok enough of EJole lets go back to EJami. We actually got great scenes with EJ and Nicole and more people were loving them but yet, they decided to end them and go back to EJami.

So even though you might want them to give EJ and Abby a chance, it is not going to go well either, unless they make the decision to stop having EJ obsess over Sami and just move on, and for her to have a bit of pride and not want to go back with someone who has done so much awful things to her. You will be in the same boat as those of us who love Ejole or should I say loved Ejole. When we were thinking that they are writing them a proper story and they were putting them together, they came up with griefsex so that Sami can once again be in his orbit. It doent even matter to them that the reasons they give the characters for doing things makes absolutely no sense.

So, basically you are not going to get what you wish, unless the writers or TPTB make the decision to stop the madness. We can always hope, but we really don't have much control over what they write and how they write it and Sami and EJ has been in each others orbit and stories for over 6 years and nothing seems to be making them want to stop, Instead they are going to be getting closer despite all that they have done to each other.
I really could give 2 flying flips about Ejole. Like I said, if they wrote it, they could have had anyone, Nicole, Taylor, anyone make EJ stop obsessing over Sami. But they haven't done it so far. I get that which is why I was suggesting that Abby might work depending on how they write it. She's not like the other women, she's young, virginal, inexperienced, and has recently obsessed over a guy herself, lol. Who the heck knows what will happen but it is something different and new. I would rather see him in a pine box but if Cray Abby can finally turn EJ's head and capture his heart the way no one else (other than Sami) has been able to do, then kudos to her and I will give her a medal myself. :) That's all I'm saying.
It would not be down to Abby to do it. It would be down to the writers to write Abby as doing so. That is all I am saying. A lot of us want EJ to move on, but the writers themselves seem to have a fixation on keeping him in Sami's orbit, until they decide to stop, Abby the character won't do squat whether she is young or not.
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