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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of November 19th

Nov 7 2012, 04:23 PM
While I'm not saying that last November's sweeps were stellar, there was a LOT more buildup. First, there was that explosive promo that they debuted at Day of Days (first weekend in November) that set the stage and gave a preview of what was to come. Then, there was the build-up to the pub shooting and the shooting itself, which was milked for drama and suspense. Then there was the griefsex, which was pre-Thanksgiving.

Not only that, but there was a ton of promotional investment on the part of the show and the network all along the way.

This year, when the first promo came out and it was a yawner, there was really no place to go. There's been no build-up and no real suspense, unless you count a little pathetic scalpel wielding and a two-piece baby garment as suspenseful drama (I don't).

Other than Wilson sex, there isn't much to write home about. Kristen's return and the spoilers about Eric's return are kind of blah so far. Nicole and Dannifer are just painful and bad. There's no sizzle, no pop, no spark.

Last year, we really weren't sure where things would go, and there were so many possibilities (even if the writers eventually chose all the worst ones.)

And earlier in the month there was that snowstorm that trapped people together: EJ/Nicole, Jack/Jennifer, Victor/Maggie, Brady/Madison (OK, so we didn't know how underwhelming those two would ultimately turn out to be). And dynamics shifted between all these couples. EJ/Nicole made love; Jennifer got a first-hand look at just how much Jack had suffered in captivity and admitted that she still loved him (leaving aside that she morphed into a cold, uncaring, Daniel-obsessed bitch afterwards); Victor/Maggie got married; and Brady/Madison got to know each other better. And except for Madison, these were characters and couples in whom the core audience was invested. And IIRC, this was the episode DAYS submitted in the Best Writing category for the Daytime Emmys--and it won.

Flash forward a year, and November sweeps is all about characters and/or couples we don't especially care about. And the characters we do care about, who have real dramatic potential, aren't engaged in anything that spectacular or compelling. They flit around having random scenes and interactions, but no story to speak of. The whole month is shaping up to be a major snooze-fest, when it isn't actually painful to watch. :sleep:

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