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I agree Danny.

I rewatched Vanuatu after I bought the DVD set and I really liked the women's team. The men, ehhh. I actually would have liked to have seen the younger men last. I thought they were more likable. Chris was so intolerable. I really disliked him but I did laugh at his winning and his attitude. He kinda won me over with his final tribal council.

I want to watch Gabon again. I did like it overall, but the final three was just atrocious. Mute Suzy and boring Bob?? Oy. And I wonder if Sugar was just as nuts in Gabon as in Heroes vs. Villains? I so rooted for her and couldn't believe how she was in HvsV. She showed up a few times on Weeds as a nude roller skate girl who had sex with Andy. She has a fantastic body. Just saying ... I loved Gabon when Markus was blindsided. Beautiful and I was spoiler free that season (it's much better that way!) so I didn't see it coming, for probably one of the few times Survivor really surprised me.

I really don't 'hate' any seasons I love Survivor and have enjoyed every season. It's usually the poor editing and piss-poor casting that annoy me about a season most of all. I feel instead of letting the game play out and getting to know everyone, they focus too much on who they 'want' to show. However, in some seasons, half of the cast were duds to begin with, so that probably helped move the show into slanted editing. It has it's up and downs. This season and last season have been much better in terms of that.

And speaking of this season ... really enjoying it.
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