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Nov 8 2012, 01:35 AM
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That is a scandal I want to watch! :popcorn:
lol, I can understand that. But for me I think the only way this story would work if Jack was there. You know kind of bringing past to future. Jack had a redemption story, how would he feel if his daughter is close to someone with Ej's sexual past? Otherwise it is just another story/pairing to involve Elvis and I really really don't care. I don't want redemptive Dimeras,
I don't think that Jack would have a problem with EJ's sexual past per se, it's EVERYTHING else that would a serious road block to Jack wanting EJ with his Abby! Look how he reacted to Chad and Chad had technically done nothing to warrant that from Jack other than his name. EJ has a litany of criminal acts that he just keeps stacking in his little closet it's practically bursting. Abby is perfect for EJ either for a redemptive s/l (EJ) or a corruption s/l (Abby) but these writers are awful so even if they went with EJabby, they WILL SCREW IT UP, GUARANTEED!

I do believe EJ is beyond redemption though, his latest treament of Nicole has not done him any good in terms of being rootworthy with ANYONE!
No doubt the writers will screw it up whatever it is. :shrug:

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