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Nov 6 2012, 04:21 PM
Last night, I went to the Days FB page and read hundreds of postings -- many of which were expressing various religious views on the WilSon storyline. The exchanges were not pretty, and they went on and on as endlessly as the debates over various EJami/Safe/Lumi pairings (only these arguments included Bible verse citations). That got me thinking.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm uneasy about the show shifting so much of its focus and storylines to the church/religion. All of a sudden, we've got Kristen, John, Brady, and Marlena all working in and around the church. We've got Eric coming back as a priest. Nick is portrayed as having gotten religion in prison. In Wednesday's DA, Nicole points out that she's a sinner while Jennifer is the lady who goes to church every Sunday; and the show is going out of its way to make sure we know Abby is a virgin. Anyway, that's a pretty big shift, and there's probably more to come. Where is it all headed?

I don't have anything against tackling the subject per se; it's just that I don't trust these writers to do well by such a potentially risky move. I don't trust their motives either.
Someone mentioned that Reilly did something similar in the 90s, and his setup led to the demonic possession storyline, among other things. Are they trying to recreate those so-called glory days in some way?

These writers will never be able to pull it off. For one thing, although I'm no fan of JER's, these current writers are even worse in their plot-driven, character-damaging, shallow, cynical, shoddy writing. Secondly, let's face it, the issue of religion in our society is so much more divisive and polarizing now than it used to be. These writers will not handle the subject matter well. Heck, the network shied away from a PTSD storyline as being too "issue-oriented." So why are they okay now with pushing the envelope on several religion-oriented story fronts?

My early thought is that the show thinks by polarizing viewers and getting them riled up (sort of like they do when they stir up the fanbase wars), they can get ratings. Still trying to figure it out, though...

I stopped reading postings on gay related issues because there is a lot more faith based intolerance/hatred out there than I realized.I now know it's there but I don't want to invite it into my life.I watch soaps for entertainment.I like Will and Sonny so I am just going to follow what happens as long as the show writes for them.I like that they have obstacles and I would rather have Lucas on screen and involved with Will because I see their relationship as the beginning of a journey for both in their navagating unchartered waters for both of them.
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