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I think Kirkwood is only there in a Producer capacity, but not as the showrunner/HW. I'm once again attempting to watch this show, starting with Hollyoaks Later and the same week of the main show, but one episode of each and it is horrific. I'm going to watch the full week as things could improve once I see other characters, but the style of the show is all wrong, the music is bad and the younger characters still suck. I think Kirkwood is the only person who could get Hollyoaks back where it needs to be. Where are they finding all of these dreadful HWs?

Lucy Allan was the best of the lot because while she lacked vision, she didn't damage the show too much. She kept much of the structure the same as when Kirkland was there and didn't remove too many of his characters. I feel like a GOOD writer could've come in and simply added sharper storylines and we'd have a good show. Instead, every new writer is trying to put their stamp on the show and are gutting it. I haven't seen one clear, strong vision (like Kirkwood) or something that works.
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