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LMAO @ Abi showing off her idol. Betcha she gets voted out still holding it. She seems that dumb.

LOL @ Penner voting for Abi, thus not saving Jeff and ensuring he's voted out.

I actually started to like Jeff. Go figure. But still, what arrogance. How patronizing was he coming off to Skupin? A man who left BEFORE the merge. In Season 2. I get the returning player hate but the man hasn't played in SO long. He's like a newbie. However, he's not as bright as I thought he'd be, LOL.

GO Lisa! Love her playing the game. My jaw dropped at her. I hope she and Malcolm can work together. I'll be so disappointed if one of Mike, Lisa, Malcolm or Denise don't win this season.

Artis is useless. Pete is ... boy is hot. I can't believe how stupid he and Abi are going to be next week by lashing out at Lisa. Of course I feel they do have the right to but you know how childish Abi will be. I'm glad they had Pete acknowledge that and distance himself, though unfortunately, he needs her.

Good good season. Denise must be sitting back and loving this. She's arguably the strongest female left and no one is even circling her. I worry about her further down the road :(

I loved this episode. This season, this cast ... it's bringing back my love for this show in FULL force.
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