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NE Spoilers wk 11/19th

Katherine comforts an emotional distraught Nina

Noah learns a startling new revelation about Sharon

An unexpected and exceedingly shocking turn of events leaves Victoria in a very dangerous situation

Tensions rise as Joe (who ??!!) clashes with Katherine

Phyllis questions a tremendously fragile Sharon

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Daily Spoilers wk of 11/19th

11/19, Neil and Leslie mix business with pleasure; Christine's return upsets Nina.

11/20, Victoria finds herself in a dangerous situation; Jill and Katherine butt heads.

11/21, Jack and Phyllis consider their relationship; Devon refuses Tucker's Thanksgiving olive branch.

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11/19, Neil and Leslie combine business and pleasure, while Christine's return devastates Nina.

11/20, A shocking turn of events leaves Victoria in peril, while tensions rise as Jill clashes with Katherine.

11/21, Jack and Phyllis reflect on their long relationship, while Devon rebuffs Tucker's Thanksgiving peace offering.

11/22, Thanksgiving Preemption

11/23, (Repeat Episode) In this classic episode, friends and family gather as Victor and Nikki get married at the Colonnade Room, while Ashley reveals the truth about Abby's paternity.

Y&R -- THURSDAY, November 22 is THANKSGIVING - so be prepared for schedule adjustments to accommodate the Holiday. -- After Paul views the video showing Ricky drowning his girlfriend, Christine reaches out to reassure Paul - and the duo end up sharing a kiss. At that moment, Nina arrives in Genoa City, following her most recent business trip, and is stunned when she spots Paul's passionate encounter with Christine. After Nina catches Paul kissing Christine, Nina heads to the Chancellor mansion. After Nina brings Kay up to speed on Paul's sudden involvement with Chris, Katherine comforts an emotional Nina. Nina declares that her relationship with Paul is over, and begins making plans to return to California. Katherine attempts to convince Nina NOT to make any sudden decisions while Nina is still emotionally distraught. Christine arrives at the Chancellor mansion, and tries to convince Nina that the kiss which Nina witnessed was just an innocent embrace, but Nina remains skeptical. In the meantime, Michael meets with Paul and delivers the good news that the District Attorney will NOT be pressing any charges against Paul. After Michael declares that he is giving Paul his "Get Out of Jail Free" card, Paul looks through the many hand-made cards which Ricky sent to Paul over the years, each one declaring that Paul was the very best Dad in the whole world. Then Paul begins tossing Ricky's cards and letters into the trash basket. When Christine returns and discovers that Paul is discarding all of Ricky's old letters and cards, Paul admits to Christine that he would like to give his relationship with Chris one more opportunity to grow - and Christine agrees. Afterward, Paul receives a telephone call from HEATHER and reports that Heather will be spending THANKSGIVING in CHICAGO with DANIEL and LUCY. After a heart-to-heart chat with Paul, Michael attempts to mend fences with his son. Later, after Michael learns that Kevin has decided that they will need to give up their Tag and Grab business, Michael tries to give Kevin a pep talk about Kevin's bright future, but Kevin remains skeptical about Michael's assurances. Michael contacts Chloe and begins making plans to help lift Kevin's spirits. Neil is pleased when Leslie accepts his job offer, and makes plans to work for Neil at Jabot. Later, Devon lets Neil know that her loved ones are concerned about Katherine's plans to return to work at Chancellor Industries as CEO. After a heart-to-heart chat about Katherine's health, Devon admits that Neil was right about music being a tough business and confesses that his music business is experiencing a serious downturn in business. When Neil invites Devon to join Neil, Lily and Cane at Jabot, Devon promises to give Neil's suggestion some serious consideration. Following an encounter with Chelsea at the cottage, Sharon panics, packs up and moves out - but leaves behind the medication which her therapist believes will help Sharon deal with a Bi-Polar Disorder. Meanwhile, in the main house, Chelsea admits to Adam that she believes that it is time for Sharon to find somewhere else to live. Chelsea agrees to help Sharon find a new place, but argues that Adam and Chelsea have done everything which they can do for her while Sharon still resides on Adam's property. Adam reluctantly agrees to go along with Chelsea's plan. However, when Adam stops off at the cottage to discuss a possible move with Sharon, Adam is alarmed when he discovers that Sharon has moved all of her belongings out of the cottage - but left her medication behind. Chelsea is stunned when Adam returns to the main house and reports that Sharon has moved out - but left her medication behind. Adam declares that if anything has happened to Sharon while Sharon has been trying to fend for herself, it will be Chelsea's responsibility. Noah learns startling news about Sharon. An unexpected and exceedingly shocking turn of events leaves Victoria in a very dangerous situation. Tensions rise as Jill clashes with Katherine. At first, Jill is pleased when Katherine agrees to share CEO duties at Chancellor with Jill. However, Jill hits the roof when she reads the contract which Katherine has prepared. Jill confronts Kay and complains that Kay's contract leaves Jill with virtually no ability to take charge of anything. While Jill and Katherine are arguing, Kay begins to gasp and complains of experiencing chest pains. Jill swings into action and assures Katherine of her genuine concern. However, before Jill can finish dialing 9-1-1, Katherine declares that she was not really experiencing chest pains - but was, instead, testing Jill. Jill hits the roof again but, soon, Jill and Kay are laughing together about Katherine's little joke. Phyllis becomes determined to quiz an obviously fragile Sharon. -- ALL CBS Daytime programming will be preempted on Thursday, November 22 and Friday, November 23, to accommodate special Holiday programming, including NFL Football. With the exception of YOUNG AND RESTLESS. On FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, Young and Restless will air an Encore Presentation of an episode which originally aired on SEPTEMBER 5, 2002. The Encore Presentation will feature one of Victor's many weddings with Nikki.
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