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You all said it, but I think I cannot be said enough.. This was a one of the best episodes of Survivor in YEARS! (And that's why it breaks my heart to see the ratings drop... Even the Middle beat Survivor in demos .. That can't be good.)

Abi showing off her Idol was SO STUPID! Wow, girl! What was the point?! Nobody cares about Abi, cuz she's useless and easy to beat in challenges, but now she has an Idol.. Didn't that make her see that people might see it as a threat? Considering that's what made Malcolm and Penner threats as well (among other things).

And Lisa! Wow! She's actually playing! I didn't expect that! I thought she would just coast through the game and be carried by Skupin/Malcolm/whoever. But wow.. Her move actually made sense.. Malcolm is a HUGE threat! And by getting rid of him, she would save Mike, so that was a great plan. But Pete ruined it. LOL I like Pete (as a villain of the show), but my God.. how could he believe Malcolm didn't have it?! Malcolm's lying was one of the worst ever! :lol: Maybe Pete is not as a smart as he thinks.

And I love Penner. Always have, always will. But I don't want him to win. I want Malcolm, Denise or Lisa to win. :D

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