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This week's Soap Opera Digest features an article about Marlena and Kristen.

Marlena arrives at the Horton cabin and sees John asleep next to Kristen. Kristen says she had no way of knowing John would be at the cabin.

When J&M are alone, Marlena tells John how she feels about Kristen. John thinks she's overreacting, especially since Kristen is so calm overall and Marlena is not. Later, Kristen sees Brady, who doesn't trust Kristen and is not happy to hear that she was at the cabin with John. Kristen tries to convince Brady that it was a coincidence.

Marlena interrupts a business meeting that Kristen is having with EJ to "blast her", and John has to pull Marlena away from Kristen. Kristen steps down as head of CW so that EJ can take over and become closer to Sami. Kristen goes to see John and she tells him, thinking Marlena will be more comfortable now that Kristen is not Sami's boss. John appreciates this, "and they accidentally touch".

Brady then replaces John on the church board so that Kristen won't have an opportunity to see him. Brady and Kristen have a fight about it and Kristen runs out of the church. A mugger assaults her, and when Brady rescues her, he is knocked unconscious. Kristen calls John and leaves a message, but Marlena sees the message from Kristen and erases it before John has even heard it...

Pick up the latest Digest for details!

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