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Nov 8 2012, 02:59 PM
I would agree that seeing Marlena needing a favor from Stefano would be good TV and cause John to flip his shit...this is pretty underhanded and I'm glad that it will cause some drama. I don't think deleting a message is something anyone would do. It seems insecure and a little bit psycho to me. I'm glad they didn't go overboard and have Marlena running around with a gun threatening to kill everyone. Its something that she could believably do and that she wouldn't think had some long-lasting effects on Brady or John.

The story would be better if Brady was really near death and needed blood or was in a coma or something. I expect him to be pretty much fine with some bruises so I have to wait to see how this plays out. I'm still loving Kristen's return. It needed to be slow. Lets not forget how long its been since she's been in Salem. She is nobody to a lot of the audience. They are trained to think that John and Marlena are basically the perfect couple that has had some bumps caused by Stefano. The flashbacks and easing Kristen into the canvas has really worked for me. I want to see crazy going after what she wants hardcore Kristen as much as anyone else, but I'm REALLY enjoying the work Eileen is doing right now. She's really making me remember that Kristen was a great person at one time before she went off the rails. Kristen was boring then, but its fun to remember now after all the crazy shit she has pulled.
The problem is that the way they are telling the story makes it seem like John had an affair with Kristen while he was with Marlena, and THEN Kristen found out that John actually was in love with Marlena, then she went crazy and locked Marlena in a secret room. Nothing about the long journey it took to get there. Kristen went slowly cucko for cocopuffs, it wasn't overnight. She showed signs of being influenced by Stefano, and she certainly was not perfect before that (cheated on husband twice, remember?). She was still boring as all hell, but not perfect. The journey was what hooked people. People had been rooting for John & Marlena to reunite since 1991, then John finally admitted to Abe (and later to Bo) that he was still in love with Marlena, Marlena admitted the same to Lexie (and later to Hope), Kristen was becoming more and more influenced by Stefano, more accepting of his "do what needs to be done" ways. She was trying to resist, but eventually became more and more willing to participate. That is the part that had people hooked. Then the rest of it was just a really crazy, entertaining road, with bumps all around to when Marlena would finally figure it all out and be able to tell John. And then finally, the payoff and then the reunion (which was lackluster, I'll admit). They're acting like Kristen just had a bout of crazy and then didn't do anything else. Hello, she was loco the entire year after the reveal at the Elvis wedding!

JamaicanBeauty, I don't feel like Marlena is insecure about their love. She is just seriously sure (because of things Kristen as done and said in the past) that Kristen will physically hurt her or her family. And she'll probably be right, because just yesterday (Nov 7 episode), we saw definite signs of Kristen's crazy being very present, but controlled by a fake persona.
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