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Nov 8 2012, 04:24 PM
Nov 8 2012, 04:13 PM
Nov 8 2012, 04:07 PM
Nov 8 2012, 03:50 PM
And here we go again...please not another story of Nicole wanting a man that doesn't want her. She needs to regroup, greive the loss of her son and get her head on straight. Not chasing after so priest (no matter how sexy he is).
I can see him not wanting to break his vows to God but I can't see him as one of 'these men that don't want her'....if ANYTHING Eric has been shown to be the ONE man who wanted Nicole above all others. It was NICOLE who chose money over her true love and she's been miserable ever since. I never got into Ejole or Bricole because it was always shown that Nicole's one true love was Eric and I LOVED them back then...SHE ruined her chances and isn't it great that this time when she could be with him because she's unattached, HE'S the one who seemingly can't go there with her...INTERESTING....
While Eric may be Nicole's first love, sometimes a person's first love isn't always the person they belong with. They already stripped Nicole of everything and made her a weak damsel in distress so Eric could be her savior. That's already a turn off to me.
I was specifically talking about the 'wanting another' aspect of the post I quoted.....if anything...she should not have ever been with Ej, or Brady or Daniel because they all wanted another.....I can't say the same about Eric though...that's what I meant....
While that is true you got to remember we had better writers back then who enjoyed writing romance over contrived plot points. Regardless of the fact that Ericole do have some history I totally expect this romance to be no better written then Ejaylor and or Bradison.
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