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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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I'm pretty sure that before they go down the Eric/Nicole road that she will have some sort of a relationship with Rafe. I've been watching the show the last few days live and I've gotten this impression from their scenes that maybe Nicole's 'closure' comes through a self reflective relationship with Rafe. Rafe isn't the type of guy to treat Nicole like shit on his shoe this last go around. He's actually been pretty supportive of her craziness and he was willing to throw his own happiness away to keep her secret running. It only makes sense that TomSell would do something placeholder wise with Rafe and Nicole while they do whatever they want to do with Ejami's lock, stock and whatever and start the slow build up of Eric and Nicole. It would be unrealistic for Eric to immediately take off his collar and in a matter of a month be boinking Nicole, so yeah I think that at least this relationship will have to have something of a build up and since TomSell can't do any story without having Rafe inserted in it then I can see him playing around with Nicole for a little while until Eric and her officially take off. I got a feeling that Nicole will heal through a relationship with Rafe and then when she finally lands Eric she'll manage to fuck up the one relationship that truly means something to her, the one with Eric, lol...
That just sounds awful. I don't want them putting Rafe with Nicole. Please no! Not with another Sami left over. It is bad enough that Eric is Sami's brother.

But the fact that we don't want them to happen, shows that their is more chance of it happening So, Nicole goes from one awful story straight into another.

They should give her help and not through Rafe who they have not ceased to pimp. Brady is closer to Nicole and have known her longer and it is Rafe they chose to be compassionate towards her, while Brady stands around. Just more unbelievabke nonsense.

They wont have her being alone for a while and trying to heal, or give her a job to show her trying and being independent. The first thing they do is throw another man in her path, to be her saviour. We are not even through her story yet, where she was going to kill herself over a man that told her he did not love her but, love someone else.

I agree....but I don't for a minute think that this show will have Rafe in the same limbo that they perpetually put Lucas in.....so while Tee got a girlfriend, Dan has Jen, Ej will be trying to win Sami over, Kristen is going to end up fooling John, Rafe will likely end up being 'there' for Nicole and even if it's just to piss off Sami then I can see them doing it...NO WAY is Rafe going to not be in a story..NO WAY
Yeah, I agree. Unless they surprise us and suddenly bring Carrie back they are going to have to move Rafe somewhere for now - and they have seemed to make it a point to build the friendship between Racole. Rafe has actually gotten the best writing out of everyone at the tail end of that story in regard to Nicole.

I don't think they'll wait long to pursue Eric and Nicole romantically, though. This show hasn't been subtle in a very long time - and it's been clear since it was announced GV was coming on as Eric that Eric would be in story with Nicole. Having Nicole abort her plans to go out of town solely because she knows Eric is in town gives me a sinking feeling that she's going to jump immediately from the omgIlovedanielneeddanielwilldiewithoutdaniel to danielwho? while she's batting her eyes at Eric. But I could see them having Rafe step in to give her friendly advice and set up a bit of something between them for at least a little while.
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