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The Room Stops
Nov 8 2012, 12:54 PM
John has a need to believe people can change, because how else can he believe he truly did? He did awful things as Stefano's pawn... if he doesn't believe it in others, he can't believe it for himself.

He's naive, and it might, again, almost cost him his soulmate. And if John forgives Kristen, I actually kind of want Marlena to leave him for a while. Let him romance her back. After she tells him every single thing Kritter did to her, because it doesn't seem like he's heard it before.
Thank you for reminding us of the obvious. I sometimes forget John is not your garden variety idiot. There are real psychological motivations for his stupidity. Once upon his psychiatrist wife would recognize and verbalize these motivations. And therein would be the natural conflict between John & Marlena. No need for triangles or threats of infidelity. Gosh, what a competent writer who actually cares couldn't do with the same basic ideas we're seeing on TV. Rich with history and all the built in complexity.

Gee, I was just annoyed with Days,...now I'm kind of depressed by all the possibilities not just going unrealized but actually perverted.
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