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Nov 8 2012, 04:16 PM
What I am really hoping for is that John is just playing along like he believes Kristen but in reality he is trying to see what she and Stefano have planned. I don't want John to be played the fool like he was in 1996 thru 1997 with Kristen and all of her lying scheming behavior. I want John and Marlena to team up to prove what she is all about. It would be great if Jarlena even act as if they break up so as to trap Kristen. They could have secret romantic trysts while everyone in town, especially Kristen and Stefano , think they have destroyed the super couple. To me that would be a great story.
What you describe reminds me of the Jack/Jennifer/Hawk storyline in early 1992. Jack knew that Hawk was scamming J&J since their honeymoon and proved it to Jennifer. After that, they concocted a scheme to "con the con" and it was great for the audience to watch. The scheme involved several other cast members and it was great fun for the viewers to watch. The audience wasn't privy to the exact scheme so it was exciting. I don't know about anyone else who watched at that time but I was really shocked when Hawk shot Jack...I didn't know if he was really dead or what.

Anyway, the kind of story you're describing is fun for the audience to watch IMO.
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