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Nov 8 2012, 10:22 PM
I did notice something...a slight glimmer of hope for EJole fans, like myself. EJ looking through the window, sad, about Nicole, and her seeing him, and crying as he left. I think that these two are still madly in love, but EJ doesn't think he is good enough for her, so he is settling for Sami, while Nicole is scared of getting her heart broken and so doesn't want to try with EJ. I still think these two have a shot sometime in the future. That was really what made the episode for me.
I'm not watching the show, but I would buy into your theory. But I don't think it's in the writing. Rather two actors trying to infuse some history and sense into a clusterfuck of a story. I'm sure AZ rocked these scenes, but I honestly can't watch this junk. So contrived and senseless that it just makes me angry to read it!

I'm so upset that the writers are making Abby grow into a sanctimonious bitch like her mother. I wish the whole Devereaux family would just LEAVE!!!!

It's obvious that the writers stripped Nicole down so that Eric can come save her. But did they have to kill the baby in such a contrived way? She would have been destroyed enough with a still birth. Did they have to leave the dead baby in her womb? Just to create a fake Jennifer martyr storyline? And why did Nicole have to live with shrewish Bitchifer anyway? Nicole is freaking rich!!!! Sucks that they killed the baby. But to kill the baby like this is infuriating, tasteless, tacky, and cheap. Rotten, ROTTEN story telling.
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