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Nov 8 2012, 08:44 PM
Love the sounds of the Sonny/Tad stuff and of course WilSon. I don't think it's moving that past. Compared to most other couples they are ate least getting some kind of build up before having sex. This to me is just a little bump to give slight angst. They became a couple 2 months ago after knowing each other for a year and a half. They didn't want to do much more delaying or they'd be accused of delaying it because it's a gay couple. Still wish they'd make Tad a bigger player on the show. The actor is great.

I don't think it's moving that fast, but I do think that it is too easy. I would just have preferred to see them upset and bummed for more than one day before they get back together. They haven't shown them all week, they could have incorporated them in somehow into other stories and just shown that. Another thing...the writing is just so inconsistent. Why should Will be expected to call Sonny? Sonny is the one that kicked him out and said it was a mistake. Now Sonny is upset because Will hasn't tried to call him? That doesn't make a lot of sense. Of course Will would feel like Sonny doesn't want to hear from him. I would think that Sonny would be the one to call and say he was a little harsh if he really wanted to talk to Will. Will did want to talk about things before Sonny kicked him out. I just don't get the writing for this show sometimes. I watched the DA and I do enjoy the scenes..I just wish there had been more angst before they got back together. It didn't have to drag on for months...but more than one day might have been nice.
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