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Nov 9 2012, 12:35 AM
Nov 8 2012, 10:22 PM
This one wasn't so bad. Kristen, John and Marlena are boring me. They cannot give Jarlena a storyline without a love triangle? Nicole was breaking my heart. I like Rafe, he is really standing by Nicole, but still doing his job as a cop. You can tell he really cares about Nicole though. A year ago, he wouldn't have caredm but I value their friendship ane hope they develop to something more. I hope Daniel and Brady can forgive her, and EJ. Who gives a fuck about Jennifer and Abby, though I am glad they're letting this go. WilSon was nice, but felt like an afterschool special and was kind of corny. I did notice something...a slight glimmer of hope for EJole fans, like myself. EJ looking through the window, sad, about Nicole, and her seeing him, and crying as he left. I think that these two are still madly in love, but EJ doesn't think he is good enough for her, so he is settling for Sami, while Nicole is scared of getting her heart broken and so doesn't want to try with EJ. I still think these two have a shot sometime in the future. That was really what made the episode for me.
A few weeks ago there was an article in one of the soap rags where the interviewer asked Ari where would EJ and Nicole end up in the future and Ari said that you might not forget but you could always forgive and that she thought it will be interesting seeing if EJ and Nicole came around full circle in their relationship. She didn't talk like they were completely over and on a soap you never know.
I could see Ejole getting back together very easily. He did tell her it would never be over between them. Ejole has a lot of fans..or I should say DID have before they killed the baby. TPTB need to act quickly to try and get them back.
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