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Nov 8 2012, 05:31 PM
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Lucas should have just looked Saintly Bitchefer in the eye and said yes he was a wonderful human being when he was fucking my wife. OH but I'm sorry I should be greatful to him for fucking my mother and my wife at the same time, but then again he never got my neice so I guess he's not all bad. Oh yeah that's right my neice was the only smart one who found out about him fucking her grandmother and left his ass. So excuse the fuck out of me if I don't hold him in the Saintly Doctor catergory, By the way have you checked out which female patients he has right now he could be fucking them?
While Chloe was married to Lucas, she did not have sex with Daniel. She had sex with him while she was engaged to Lucas but once she married Lucas the attraction to Daniel remained but, they never had sex.
:shrug: Okay so While he was fucking his finace', doesn't make it any better for Lucas and Bitchifer should still keep her trap shut about how Great a Doctor the groper is. :shame:
daniel is the one that convice lucas to elope with chloe lucas thought its bad idea whule daniel spin it that if lucas does not elope with he does not really want or something like that and if lucas did not elope to marry chloe he would find from kate that chloe cheat on him and not find it after being married to her and the all town knew before him
and i remember when lucas was release from rehab he was piss on chloe because she could not kept her mouth shut about and later did not bother to tell him about then daniel came to chloe defnse and scold him and calling dry drunk and it not chloe fault
at all its like how dare lucas to get mad on chloe
btw baby switch happen because nicole find because chloe told her because lucas wanted to stay in town until he will know for sure sami is safe so chloe was mad on lucas because of it and it was after she already cheat on him with daniel and chloe did not tell lucas or sami despite nicole many jokes and remarks of wanting sami being dead

and chloe have no problem To someone will Contact lucas in reahab for divorce papares but to Contact him to tell him what nicole did she had problem

until now there still few people that know that chloe was the one that told nicole about sami baby

it still annoy lucas was paint as the bad guy because he was mad on her because she told nicole and yet when chloe cheat on daniel chloe is monster while daniel is the poor victim
because for some reason it find to have affair behind lucas back
but to have one night stand because of misunderstanding chloe is monster because she cheat on daniel she is monster

if so many people gave chloe grief it should been on telling nicole about sami baby and knowing what nicole cable of not because she cheat on daniel
i still remember the amount of times that daniel bash on lucas behind his back when lucas did not do anything to him and yet lucas is not allow to saying anything bad on him really

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