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Nov 7 2012, 08:26 PM
Maxie has to be on of the most annoying characters on television. I like Ellie so much more and too will be irritated when Maxie ends up with Spinelli. The only reason she wants Spinelli is basically because he isn't chasing her anymore. It is the only storyline I FF through.
I think had JL still been in the role Maxie would have been slightly less irritating, she brought a maturity to her that would have played out nicely in her wanting Spinelli back. Right now with KS, I find myself with a lot of eye rolling every time she comes on the screen.

I love hearing about bad girl Carly. I remember watching back when she first came to Port Charles. I feel a little ripped off that we've got LW as Carly now that AJs back...so sick to death of her and her revolving door of men. This story would be infinitely cooler with SB in the role.
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