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Its childish of Marlena, but I think she can see that John is being fooled by Kristen pulling a guilt trip on him about the past. Even if John doesn't believe that she's changed, maybe he's realizing that part of what happened with Kristen going totally batshit crazy is his fault.. Or at least he's blaming himself so he's trying to give her a slight benefit of the doubt. John is an idiot for the most part. I guess Marlena is trying to protect him, not necessarily their relationship. I don't think Marlena expects him to cheat on her.

I say "maybe" and "I don't think" because the writers are not even hinting at what direction they're going with all of this. I kinda like it. Just hope its not something this simple that separates John and Marlena. It would need to be something way more serious. Like if Brady died that would be a whole different story.

I think throwing Brady and Kristen together just makes no sense because this will bother John and Marlena because they don't want Brady with Kristen, but it should be a relief to Marlena that she isn't going after John. I would love to see Kristen use Brady and drop him for Eric Brady though. Really drive Marlena crazy. The whole Brady-Kristen possible relationship is really a turn off for me, even if they're pretty together.
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