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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of November 12th
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The Room Stops
Nov 8 2012, 08:46 PM
There, there... We'll get used to it again, and become numb to it all. He is not, but boy is he seriously, seriously as dumb as they come at times. But as for his naivete, that does have some underlying reasons.

But, you are absolutely correct. Not only are John & Marlena so far past triangles and contrived conflicts that it is ridiculous at this point, but they have serious history-related stuff that could pave for storyline after storyline. I would kill for (this is if they have good writers, of course) a depression storyline. Hell, have John kill Stefano with his bare hands and John slowly descends into depression. A real one, not a "Oh, I'm feeling blue". I'll freaking consult for them if they need a personal account. There is so much that happens around someone suffering from depression, the problem is that they're numb to it. They don't see it, they don't care and they stop caring about anything. John killing this man at last (and at this point, it does need to be an actual killing) is a nice little trigger for a depression. And the material for J&M as Marlena has to stand by and watch as the man she loves sinks deeper and deeper, as a shrink and as a wife - that's actual drama. I've been dying for a Marlena meltdown story for years, but I want it to be done by writers who won't let it be a microchip or a joke. And it seems like that doesn't exist in this medium anymore.
Somehow I doubt I will. I'm not a person to suffer fools gladly (and John is about as big a fool as they come right now). It's just not in my genetic make-up.

You know I think I was happier with J&M living in my imagination than on screen and having the writers rape them of their intellect and composure. Oh well, it is what it is what it is.
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