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Monday, November 12th via jcren

Nick and Avery at her place. They are being really romantic but Avery is trying to keep distance between with a chair, just in case. Asking him questions about why he changed his mind about them. He eventually leaves.

Sharon is trying to write a letter to Noah and Faith. She can't find the right words and keeps bawling up papers. They are everywhere.

Adam and Chelsea have a romantic night together. They go up stairs to make love. Adam hears about the fire at Gloworm and leaves a sleeping Chelsea to meet with the arsonist.

Phyllis and Ronan are having the worst date ever. It is so awkward. Their date ends early and he takes her home. She doesn't want to do anything with him and slams the door in his face.

Adam sees the guy. He is pissed about Gloworm. Ronan comes into the dive as the arsonist leaves. Ronan is drinking and starts questioning why Adam is in such a place. They snark a bit.

Sharon goes over to Nick's to see Noah. They talk. She tells him Adam has been helping her. She is sick and getting better. He asks her if she burned the ranch down. She denies it and says it is about marrying Victor, the company, etc.

Avery has a bad dream about Phyllis and Nick. Basically she is getting between them. It is pretty intense. Lots of arguing with her and Phyllis.

Nick is home talking to Noah. He supports Nick and Avery if that is what he wants to do.

A drunk Ronan goes back to Phyllis with pizza and beer. He really rips into her about why she will always be alone. He is kinda brutal. But she is pretty brutal back. Ronan is in tears crying. Phyllis does not want him. He finally gives up and leaves. She calls Nick. He wants to know what she wants. She says everything is wrong.

Adam is back home with Chelsea. They talk about the fires. He denies knowing who is setting them. Chelsea and Sharon have a good chat

Avery goes to the Tack House. She tells Nick she doesn't want a friendship. She wants him. They kiss and she leaves.

Previews: Phyllis/Avery, Victor/Billy, Victoria
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