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I think the main issue with all of this is the lack of foundation.

If Kristen were in town for a few weeks, systematically chipping away at Marlena's relationships with her children while planting a seed in John's mind that perhaps Doc isn't such a saint (as John defends her, of course), and then Marlena did something like this- I think it would probably be awesome.

I feel like we need MarDar's ability to set things up AND this crew's willingness to actually plow through a story. That balance could be greatness.

I'm a little biased though because I'd love for Days to showcase non-romantic relationships for awhile, and I firmly believe Marlena's biggest unexplored flaw is her failure as a mother (imho, of course). Or if not a flaw, it could be a legit source of insecurity given how her children are either troubled (Sami, Brady) or troubled and hiding far away (Belle, Carrie).

And it'd be nice to see women acting, at least initially, with a motive other than a man.
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