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Viewing Single Post From: Marlena takes a stand against Kristen
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"Even iron bends"..Victoria Rowell

DAYS needs an enema...........and a shot of chili pepper.......and adrenaline.........and electroshock therapy!! This shit is sooooo boring. I know James Reilly is turning cartwheels in his grave. Never did I think I'd find myself wishing for Dena Higley to come back, but right about now.... :unsure: :unsure:

And since when does Kristen resort to childishly stupid bullshit like stealing cell phones and paying off little girls to pretend to be hurt? Does that even constitute being a "villainess"?? That's some crap that an ingenue like Gabi would do, not Kristen.

GMAFB!!! :soapbox: :soapbox:
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