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Nov 9 2012, 06:48 PM
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And it breaks one of the first rules of child naming don't have 2 syllable first names with 2 syllable surnames.
Is that really a thing? I think pretty much my whole family is 2 + 2.
Apparently it is


my whole family is 2 +2 too.
Wow, that is just...crazy. And totally wrong, because obviously symmetry is better than a name that sounds clipped because the surname is short, or like it runs on forever because the surname is too long.

In any case, isn't Nicole already 2 + 2 (Nicole Walker, Nicole Dimera)?

Also, kinda sad that for me this is the most interesting discussion point in the thread. Way to go, writers!

So which sounds better?

Ni-cole walk-er
Ni-cole di-me-ra

I think 2+2, actually.
I'm not familiar with GV, but my, he's pleasant to look at, isn't he?

I have never been a Nicole fan, but this shit with Jennifer and losing her baby has been what stopped me from watching the last few weeks. The last episode I saw was when the dr told her that her baby was dead. Seriously, I like to see scheming, bad characters get what's coming to them. Not get driven to the brink of insanity by tragedy and loneliness. Sheesh. I hope this is a turn around for her character, like maybe her stories can NOT make us want to start drinking?
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