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EJohnny was so cute. :wub2: EJ/Chad weren't bad either. The Kristen/Brady scene was awesome, but that was mostly because of Kristen. I loved the way she played so sweet while pushing his buttons. Thanks to Kristen, I'm also enjoying jarlena for the first time since around 2008.

AZ had a standout performance and for the first time, I almost wanted Nicole to have everything she wanted. Of course, that would be terrible for her character, so I quickly got over it. While AZ is good at this kind of thing, I hope they stop focusing on Nicole's vulnerable side for awhile and let her pull herself together and at least pretend to be strong.

Nov 10 2012, 01:52 AM
This was really sweet. It seems like there is an ongoing theme of valuing your family for EJ. From talking to Johnny and spending the day with him, talking to Chad about Kristen, talking to Gabi about how family means everything and finally to Abby about dealing with losing someone you cared about. I think this is all to motivate EJ to accept Stefano back into his life, but it looks like just at arms length for now.

Agreed. This episode had a very clear message about families in general and fathers in particular.
Nov 10 2012, 02:33 AM
I don't understand how re-embracing Stefano will get EJ closer to his supposed aim in life winning the love of Samanther.

I thought the two were supposed to be mutually exclusive.

It depends on which Sami happens to be on screen at the time.
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