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Helpless Romantic

Nov 10 2012, 11:22 AM
Nov 10 2012, 10:19 AM
Safe isn't done. EJ is back manipulating his way into Sami's life and with Chad going after a pregnant Gabi per EJ's advice, this may spell the end of Sami and balless EJ growing close. Then it will be Lucas's turn since Lumi are about to become grandparents. We are watching safe/ejami/Lumi reruns, no one wins.
True. No one wins because it's the endless merry-go-round. Sure they're doing the back and forth between Rafe and EJ now but meanwhile Lucas is still wandering around bitter and lonely. When Lumi find out they're grandparents, the shit will hit the fan for all parties involved.
I just hope EJ stays far away from it all. I can imagine if we are still stuck with tweedle dumb at that point that they may have EJ put his two cents in as well, while Rafe and Lucas become increasingly annoyed. If I wasn't so pessimistic I would almost say they are setting up the triangle that should be played out but I am doubtful on that. Especially if Elvis still lurks around Sami.
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