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So, I worked my way through several episodes. The cabin scenes both Thursday and Friday with Kristen and John were really good. I disagree that John is being dumb. If he were dumb, he wouldn't have been as clearly skeptical and distrusting of Kristen. I do think that John wants to believe that people can change (based on his own history which the writers awesomely referenced) and that makes it hard for him to dismiss the possibility out of hand. And I think Kristen sounds and acts very sincere. Eileen continues to do an awesome job of playing it all so well. There is enough there that you can't completely believe she's changed, but there is also an underlying sincerity that is hard to ignore.

I really like the way the writers have done this because they've re-introduced Kristen in a way that the newer audience can buy into her sincerity. That can draw the audience in, wondering if she's really changed or is just playing John. If she'd come back with an obvious agenda, then there is no tension in all of this. It could all be easily dismissed. And, personally, while Marlena's distrust is completely understandable, it's also a little more fun if she's not so obviously right. I like the layers and the multiple motivations that all make sense from different POVs. And I like the organic conflict with John and Marlena. Kristen isn't a threat because of John's feelings for her. She's a threat because their disagreement about who Kristen might be now comes from very organic places within them.

I thought AZ was really, really good in the scenes in the hospital with Rafe. I do hope they continue the Rafe/Nicole friendship because I think it works for both characters. EJ's talk with Daniel sucked mainly because his orignal threat was completely unbelievable given that we know that EJ never follows through with his threats. So, there's no drama in him letting Daniel off the hook. And while appreciate the attempt at drama with the scalpal and the stairs, it really didn't work. It was not shot well and it was way too drawn out. Thank God that storyline is finally over and we can all move on.
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