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Nov 10 2012, 11:13 AM
Caroline is back already???????
she was barely gone for 3 weeks! The departure sounded like Bo & Caroline would be gone for months. Especially when you look at the dialogue between Victor & Bo. Why would Victor worry about siblings relieving Bo if they were only gonna be gone a few weeks? and there's no way Hope would be that emotional if she knew it was only a few weeks.
How exactly are TPTB gonna explain why she's back so soon? and how are they gonna explain why Bo isn't back as well?

Maybe she isn't back, nowhere does it say she is back...maybe Eric saw her before returning to Salem...
After having taken care of an alzheimer's patient, I say that if Carolyn is back this soon, then they had better contact the facility where she went, cause I bet she left the place, and they do not even know where to heck the little heffer got off to. Not too sure how far Californey is from Salem, but maybe she had round trip tickets, and she decided enough is enough... Time to take a hike.... My father was always leaving his half way house by way of the window, and "was going home". Perhaps someone said there is always time to go home again... I just did not see where she came home. I did see that Kayla had spoken to someone at the Facility, and gave the messages to the rest of the family. I thought she was still there..... Worth a thought...

Kayla delivers some news to Hope about Bo and Caroline I found this in last week's spoilers....DP
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