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I just LOVE how well Lisa Whelchel is coming off this season. She is ROCKING this show and a HUGE threat to win the game. I'm LOVING her more each week. She's playing an excellent long-term game, unlike the others. I hope to God that she ended up going with the Jeff plan so she can team up with Skupin, Denise, Penner, and Malcolm. Throw Carter in with them now that Jeff is gone and that's a powerful 5 (with a 6th that's easy to cut in Carter) and certainly the 5 she should go with, unless she can somehow get rid of Denise before Abi-Maria. Pete and I think Malcolm are right- Abi is a great person to take to the end of this game. If she and Lisa are the last two women standing, I think that bodes well for Lisa especially if Skupin and Malcolm are the men there with them.
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