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Nov 10 2012, 05:53 PM
I'm not sure why the writers might think Dannifer was the way to go. Even if Dan had a wonderful history and decent writing, Dan and Jen would be a tough sell for most of us who watched Jack and Jennifer develop. As a rule, most of us prefer the couples we sensed really loved each other and fought both internal and external battles to be together.

Dan never fought to be with Jennifer. He was making eyes at his next candidate before the week was out after he walked away last time. And think how he adored Chloe. She messed up and he removed her from his life without any real care at all. He was pretty much indifferent to her after discovering she had feet of clay.

True love? Really?
Maybe if Jen gets drunk and sleeps with Brady or something like that, Dan will drop her like a bag of coals like he did to Chloe and never look back. Seems the only way to end Dannifer now. Jen seems to think he's god's gift to women so I don't see her ever ending it. Dan on the other hand just needs his women to mess up once and that's it. He's done and forgets they even existed like he proved with Chloe.

After all he did to make sure Chloe was his, the extremely insensitive manner in which he threw her away still shocks me. But then again it really shouldn't. And that is why it seems kind of pathetic if Chloe's return is truly to reveal to Dan that Parker is his. After the way Dan treated her, Chloe should never want anything to do with him again. And if Parker really needs medical attention, I doubt Dan is the only doctor in the world who can save him. Seriously she can't find one in Chicago but has to come to Salem for Dr. FeelGood's magic touch? That's just sad. If anything happens with Danloe again, Dan should be trying to win Chloe back, not her running to him for help and then gaining a son he doesn't deserve in the process. Please.

But it will be fun to see him dump Jennifer if this happens. I wonder if she even has to mess up for him to dump her or if he'll just get tired of her eventually and go back to his patient molesting ways.
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