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Nov 10 2012, 02:36 PM
Nov 9 2012, 05:42 PM
After just killing off Nicole's second baby the last thing this show needs is another baby SL. :shame: LAME.
Exactly! It's just pathetic and lazy writing. My interest in WilSon has already greatly diminished since TomSell took over. This makes it worse! We've only seen this story a million times. :frustration:
And doing this story right after Nicole lost her baby makes me sick! :puke:
I'm starting to hate TomSell more then I hated MarDar and everyone knows I hated MarDar, lol. What Tomlin did with Nicole's baby is just unforgivable. There's no excuse for killing off the baby three damn weeks before it's due date then making it all about fucking Dannifer. If they were going to kill the baby off they should have done it right when they took over, instead of leading on all those fans who wanted to see Nicole have her baby only to give those fans the middle finger. Then to add insult to injury they can't even wait a month to start a Wabi baby SL. Which I see as a huge slap in the face to Nicole fans who not even one month ago watched her give birth to a dead baby. :flipoff: So yeah unless things change this show remains dead to me. It only seems to go from bad to worse. It's totally not worth all the stress and energy I have put into it. :shame:
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