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Nov 7 2012, 10:33 PM
I don't know why everyone is siding with Lisa over Adrienne.
I'm SO with you there! Adrienne was just trying to keep herself relevant by starting a feud with Lisa, and Lisa has to know that. Lisa is the star, Adrienne has to work for her spot. Do I think the RadarOnline stuff went over the line? Sure I do. But I'm sure Adrienne had a source she believed and when all was said and done, nobody believed it, so who bloody cares (as the old Lisa would say). It should be water under the bridge and they surely had a conversation about it after filming the reunion and probably while filming that we didn't get to see. People forget that Lisa did some catty things last year toward Adrienne regarding Pandora's wedding. She clearly wanted the whole event to coincide with filming, obviously BRAVO helped pay for things as they would any season finale event, and she knew they'd be filming Pandora's bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Lisa was wrong for not having it at The Palms and her reason for not having it there was flimsy at best. The women have always supported one another's businesses on the show, and obviously Adrienne would have wanted The Palms to look good so she would have given Pandora a SPECTACULAR party, and not only does Lisa not have it there but doesn't even bother to tell her that she's going to have it at their direct competitor? Some Lisa fans are so blinded by her fabulousness that they don't admit to it when she's wrong and she certainly was in that situation and Adrienne had every right to be upset. I think the producers expected to be filming at The Palms as well because look what we ended up getting? Lisa and Taylor (of all people) at the Bachelorette party, and Adrienne, Brandi, and Camille hanging out at The Palms. I don't know, but the whole thing was petty and childish, just like what Adrienne said to her at the reunion. But that has been their relationship throughout the show. They've always been "frenemies" so it should have been water under the bridge and Lisa should have taken the high road. Instead, she didn't invite Adrienne and made sure she found out about it. That's more nasty and catty behavior and I'm sorry, but that's not how Lisa used to be and certainly isn't what's made her so fabulous for the 1st two seasons.

I like the Brandi/Lisa friendship, but it (and Brandi) can be a bit much. Brandi wanting to be the first to see Lisa's house came off a bit desperate.

If Lisa was inviting Kyle and the rest of the cast, including new girl Yolanda, then there was no reason not to invite Adrienne. She could have had a sit down with her beforehand, either to clear the air or clarify why she wasn't being invited.

I mean, come on, we know all this stuff is amped up for tv, especially the reunions. So Adrienne took it too far at the reunion with her accusations- Adrienne had NO STORY last year. Maybe she was trying to remain on the show and thought escalating her rivalry with LIsa would be a good way to do that? Either way, I understand Lisa being hurt by it all, especially Kyle though and that's who I felt hurt her. I was totally Team Lisa on that.

But it was a year ago now, it's the Season Premiere party, Lisa knew that, and there was no reason to exclude only Adrienne when Camille, Kyle, and Taylor backed her up. Not that it was true, but that the reporter was saying it and had to everyone. So why single out Adrienne and not invite her? She made that HUGE fuss last year at Kyle's party about kicking Taylor and Russell out "gently" when they were threatening to sue Camille but when it comes to Adrienne doing the same thing Camille did (repeating what someone else had told her), Lisa suddenly thinks Adrienne should be burnt at the stake while Kyle and Taylor are still invited. It was a calculated move and done to show Adrienne the pecking order on the show and that she's indeed on the bottom. It was beyond catty and certainly not the classy Lisa I once knew. The Lisa I used to love would have sat down with Adrienne, sorted it out, realized it was the guy causing all the trouble and they're just telling her what they heard, they'd have a glass of champagne, and it would be water under the bridge. Instead, Lisa can't let it go for no reason. Hmmm, maybe because it's true? I can't see any other reason why Lisa would even give this a 2nd thought and not only that, but bring it into the following season. I thought she was smarter than this. She seriously looks like the guilty party here and I'm surprised that all of her superfans can't see through her behavior and are actually arguing this has always been Lisa.

Good for Adrienne for sending that HIDEOUS floral arrangement! She took the high road but did it in a funny way. Bravo. I'm sorry, but she was the clear winner in this episode and to me, it looks like Lisa is being set up for a major fall this year. If she continues acting like this bitter shrew (sort of an older Brandi- hmmm, maybe she's rubbing off on her?!?) and loses the fabulosity that was once Lisa Vanderpump, this could turn out to be a Jill Zarin season for her. I love her so I hope she goes back to being herself but so far, I'm unimpressed.
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