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Nov 9 2012, 04:50 PM
Nov 9 2012, 04:41 PM
Nov 9 2012, 04:32 PM
I love Hope. but how dare she hide JnJ's picture behind her back and insinuate to Dan that he's the Man for Jen. Good lord , make this insanity stop. Like I've said before, nobody escapes Dr. Jonas pimping, absolutely no one. I am just waiting for Alice to come back from the grave to give Jennifer the 'go ahead' sign.
FFS.Hope pimping Dan today, it was worse than EJ semi-pimping -thanking Dan for being a good doctor to his son yesterday. Hope is on my shit list, until I see an improvement in her behaviour.

Hope really hid the JnJ photo behind her back? Isn't that what MarDar had Jennifer do when she was scrambling to hide the JnJ wedding photo from Daniel's apparently sensitive eyes?

What is it with Daniel? Why is everyone determined to prop him the high heavens while protecting and shielding him from everything -- including the apparently horrific and damaging sight of two happily in love people. Oh, the humanity!

It was a strange scene, somehow JnJ's photo has now made it to a table near the front door.

Daniel is talking about Jack and Jen, and if Jack hadn't died, Jen wouldn't have been involved in the mess she is in. Bascially saying Jennifer wouldn't have cared about him, she'd be too focused on Jack.

I believe Daniel is the one that holds the photo first and then puts it back, and as Hope blabs on about Jen...and Jack and Dan of course., she takes the photo away and puts it out of sight to forcefully imply her message. They are just standing there, so what else can she do? Somehow Dan is still worried about dead Jack.

It is laughable.... everywhere dan goes he keeps touching Jen & Jack's photo, like he did at Jen's office last week , when Abby wallked in.

The man is a pyshco!

I hate the message TPTB are sending.. it is awful and I don't think it works well.
With the photo being on the table, and now near the door, I expect it to be in the garbage can by next week. They just can't erase Jack fast enough, can they?
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