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Nov 11 2012, 09:54 AM
I vaguely remember Felicia and Kristen giving up their shares to keep Stephanie out of prison. But what I don't understand is why once Eric and the Forrester's regained majority control they never felt the need to give Felicia and Kristen their shares back. Kristen and Felicia should be raising holy hell that Rick, Thomas, Steffy and Hope are basically taking over their legacy. That would be a great story for Brad Bell to tell.
The REST trust was under the names of Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, and Taylor. It was legal and binding.
Taylor gave her shares to Steffy after Ridge fired her from the company. Ridge also gave Thomas, 5% of his shares to appease Thomas. He tried to get them back but Bill and Thorne convinced Taylor not to sign the paperwork.
Stephanie will give her shares to Thomas upon her death. Taylor is the trustee of Thomas shares.
Thomas and Steffy combined shares=55%.
Eric shares will probably be divided between the rest of his children, which would amount to less than 2 percent.
Ridge said he would split his remaining 20% between RJ and Hope.

Rick has no shares or controlling interest in FC.
Both Donna and Brooke sold their shares to other parties.
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