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camera shy

Nov 11 2012, 11:27 AM
It's all a question of when that axe will fall. This writing continues to be stupid. We know he's going lose and Sami will gladly stomp all over his balls to humiliate him even more. I don't get why we must be tortured in watching this play out all over again.
Yes, why do they think that ejami fans want to see this if it doesn't end any differently for their couple? Safe is all up in this ejami storyline, lock, stock and barrel. We have Sami finding out that Gabi is pregnant and promising to keep it a secret thus putting the shoe on the other foot in Sami's and Rafe's relationship. He gets to be mad as hell at her for keeping a big secret like this about his baby sister. She'll be the one running after him now, begging him to forgive her. And Will being the father of Gabi's baby ties her to Rafe even more. EJ doesn't have any dogs in this race unless it's pushing Chad to cause harm to Gabi which might result in Sami losing her first grandchild.
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