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It might be about to change, especially with Gabi being pregnant, but I don't think we've had real 20 somethings since Belle/Philip/Shawn/Chloe. Last we heard, though, Will and Gabi were actually still teens.
We'll have to agree to disagree, because I think they're doing everything the last blast folks were doing around 2005, minus having Claire. As for their age, Days isn't the type to casually show and mention Will drinking unless he's of age.
They've mentioned his age since they started showing him drinking.

Claire was a pretty big part of what that group was doing in 2005, so I'm not sure that we completely disagree, lol. Regardless, I think that's a new thing. But their group isn't the one with the worst age problem. Those characters in that clip were the twentysomethings in the 90s and it's still the same characters for the most part in the same stories. Again, I think that's improving a little bit here recently.
The last time I remember an age mention was just before the Neil kiss, when the show was sure to mention that he wasn't supposed to be drinking. Not gonna say there wasn't another mention of him being a teen since he's been drinking (without someone moralizing about it), but I'm pretty sure there hasn't been one.
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